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Imagine a group of fascinating people… who spend time at work creating the product they absolutely love. Imagine empowered tech freaks for whom the team equals comrades. Imagine tremendous professionals and geeks who like, support, and respect each other.

See yourself in that picture? Well, hello there! We’re Displate, the XXI-century metal posters makers. Displate.com is home to artworks from thousands of independent artists and the biggest brands on this planet, like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Blizzard, NASA, Iron Maiden, CyberPunk, The Witcher… you name it.

The team you're thinking of now is Displate Engineering. We're hungry for talents like you!


"OK, so what's in it for me?"

  • Our A-W-E-S-O-M-E physical product creation process and the backend site of Displate.com - that’s your battlefield, we’ve got your back there!
  • Scale? 1.5 million unique artworks in our system uploaded by 40k artists, 5 million posters sold worldwide.
  • Challenges? Performance, scalability, distributed systems, breaking the monolith, integration with the production line and logistics, transforming ourselves into a technology company.
  • Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code are not just buzzwords here - we strive for top-notch quality at everything we do - as you’ll find out during our Code Reviews, we’re rather demanding ;)
  • We approach Agile sensibly - SCRUM, incremental development and contact with our stakeholders without all the “hocus-pocus” parts
  • You’ll join a small team of 40+ people divided into cross-functional squads (frontend + backend devs, UX, analytics, QA, scrum master, product manager)
  • Step into a guild and feel at home! We love to share ideas and learn some good Frontend, Backend, QA, Agile within our small communities
  • We respect our time - even though we’re busy bees delivering loads of code. If you want to break free from being a deadline slave - boom, at Displate you’ll see the bright side.


The Role: Data Scientist

We are looking to hire a Data Scientist who will focus on research, delivering business insights and developing production-ready solutions. You will have a chance to optimize and push the boundaries of our search engine, image classification and text-based models. Marketing-wise you will work on modelling price elasticities, run demand prediction or cluster users into meaningful segments.

Within this role we have different areas of expertise available for you. You will either focus on NLP or providing marketing insights. This depends on your previous experience and the path you want to grow into. All the details will be explained during the recruitment process. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We are looking for passionate data people with strong ownership to work with business and product teams. While experience in the cloud is not required - it will be a plus. You will have an opportunity to prototype, deploy and maintain ML solutions in the cloud. In the role, you will have an influence on how we continue setting up our Analytics backbone - the infrastructure.

Salary: 12 000 - 17 000 PLN per month (gross on UoP or net on B2B - depending on your preferences)

You will be responsible for:

  • Utilizing data from across the organization to deliver production-grade ML models and model-based recommendations, that impacts the business, collectors, and artists.
  • Maintaining ML products, peer-reviewing code, and working with ML pipelines to ensure the solutions operate flawlessly.
  • Developing and testing hypotheses to provide insights impacting all functions and driving business growth.
  • Providing recommendations andworking closely with the Site Reliability Engineering team to improve and maintain the infrastructure for data science.
  • Taking a critical role in the research and development at our newly grown machine learning function.


  • At least a master's degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
  • At least two years of experience in the field of Data Science.
  • Experience in Python or R for statistics or machine learning. (Julia, C++, Scala or other experience in data science field are also acceptable).
  • Experience in querying relational, non-relational databases and working with warehouses.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with high ownership and ability to drive initiatives from problem definition to recommendations.
  • The ability to connect data to derive unique and impactful insights is not readily apparent when looking at discrete data sets.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, questioning the status quo and assertively striving to implement new solutions.
  • Proven track record of being able to deliver insight with the ability to visualize and explain a model to a target audience.

Skills that may help:

  • Prior experience in solving problems relevant to eCommerce and eCommerce platforms.
  • Strong interest in at least one of the following fields of statistical learning: econometrics, recommendation systems or NLP.
  • Experience or willingness to rapidly learn how to navigate in a Cloud environment for MLOps and practical machine learning.

Personality matters too! We're looking for:

  • Proactive doers ready for tones of satisfying challenges
  • Warriors who are ready to take autonomy & ownership - we're no cogs in the machine
  • Open-minded and creative problem solvers who are not afraid to be wrong - no stupid answers here, we're all into the collective intelligence
  • Good communicators and team players who love to learn from each other
  • The ones for whom agile mindset doesn't mean mind-altering

*** Hungry for numbers? Net Promoter Score in Displate Engineering Team for Q4 '21= 54%, Engagement Score = 80%


Perks? Here you go:

💻 Hardware of your own choice - a brand new & shiny Mac or Dell? No problemo, Señor!

⚕️ Private healthcare plan + life insurance - we’ve got your back here

🏅 Sportscard - get up from your desk and go swimming!

🗣️ Free English classes

🏖️ 20/26 days of paid holiday

📖 Training budget - your skillset matters here

👋 Team building budget - never too much socializing ;)

💰Special stock options for Engineering only

What else have we got others probably don't?

❤️ A truly socially responsible community - we've planted 15 million trees! We're organizing charity events for people in need

☕ Coffee just like you want it - french press, Moka pot or coffee machine (we’re kinda coffee-freaks with rituals you'll love)

🎁 Your own welcome Displate for FREE + discounts for all the rest of Displates

🎉 Crazy-good company parties

🎲 Planszówkowe Poniedziałki! Fancy joining our board games enthusiasts collective?

📍 Trips to our manufacture - trust us that's a life-changing experience to see how exactly Displates are made!


Still hungry for more insights about Displate Engineering? Check out:


Any thoughts or questions? Feel free to connect directly with Szymon, our Recruiter. He will be happy to help you.

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