Senior Data Analyst Remote Contract to Hire 6 month

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Job's description

6 month REMOTE Contract to Hire if Local to Louisville, CO otherwise remains contract


As a senior data analyst, you will drive modeling and visualization of our data, directly impacting the direction of the company. Leveraging your coding ability and other technical skills, you will drive insights to improve acquisition and retention of high-value members. You will be a key member of a small, dynamic, highly visible team.


How you'll be spending your day:

  • Participating as a member of a team to produce business-critical visualizations and reports from DOMO, Excel, BigQuery, and AWS.
  • Implementing and maintaining visualizations in DOMO, as well as understanding the semantics of existing visualizations.
  • Analyzing user website behavior in Google Analytics and BigQuery, connecting it to membership data warehoused in an AWS Data Lake and queried through Presto.
  • Implementing scheduled jobs in Qubole to automate reusable data sets.
  • Code reviewing and mentoring more junior members of the analytics team.
  • Interfacing directly with both data engineers and non-technical stakeholders to create high-quality visualizations and reports for our subscription business.
  • Driving quality, efficiency, and accuracy in reporting, contributing to a culture of highest standards.
  • Working with data engineering to understand the behavior and integrity of data pipelines and semantics of existing tables in an AWS data lake.
  • Automating manual processes.


What you're bringing:

  • Expert-level in Hive, Presto, or a similar big data SQL dialect, including window functions, table creation from HDFS or S3, CTEs, and advanced joins.
  • Expert-level in Google BigQuery and Google Analytics (GA360), and ability to connect the two. Familiarity with Google Tag Manager.
  • Some expertise in Python, Jupyter, Pandas, and/or Pyspark.
  • Experience with DOMO or a similar visualization tool, and ability to quickly ramp up on advanced visualizations in DOMO, including Beast Mode and Filters.
  • Ability to use the Excel DOMO connector to automate data import and visualization in Excel.
  • Ability to use S3 in an AWS environment to create tables and query data.
  • Ability to query Amazon RDS (Postgres).
  • Ability to use Excel to pivot data and create effective visualizations.
  • Ability to understand requests from less technical stakeholders and translate them to actionable data and reports in collaboration with data engineering.
  • Nice to have: An understanding of AB Testing and ability to test for statistical significance.

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